Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Sewing Room

Since I've just straightened up my sewing room/office, I thought I'd share some photos of where I work/play!

View #1: Cutting table and computer area. Small design wall made out of a large picture frame that is covered in batting and gridded flannel. Two filing cabinets...the one next to the computer actually holds files. The second filing cabinet holds fabric. I've placed plastic drawer units under the cutting table (in the foreground) that hold smaller pieces of fabric. This corner is where I create!

View #2: Sewing machine (My beloved Elna 6003), ironing area, and more plastic storage. (Oh what would I do without plastic storage!)

View #3: Bookcase holds my quilting books along with other books I like to keep nearby. Note my collection of "For Dummies" books at the bottom of the photo...and yes, I do have a copy of "Quilting For Dummies"! The filing cabinet next to the bookcase holds my collection of Quilter's Newsletter Magazine. The ENTIRE file cabinet is full of QNM and I still don't have every single issue ever published!

View #4: There is a little recess that holds my embroidery machine on the chest in the corner. I don't use it a lot, but it is always ready to go when I have a project for it. I keep embroidery supplies in the top drawer of the chest, there are quilts in the remaining drawers. Next to the chest is another collection of quilt magazines that I just can't seem to part with.

View #5: Behind the door is a closet that is packed with batting, really big pieces of fabric, and all kinds of odds and ends. It is not very tidy at the moment so I'll keep the door closed!. The mostly empty thread rack is my small but growing collection of Mettler Silk Finish thread. Love that thread! I buy it from Karen Kay Buckley. She has grouped the thread into collections of 5 spools each with oh-so-witty titles. I just love them! The double door cabinets on the floor hold more quilts and larger yardage. The plastic bin box on the cabinet to the left of the closet holds my 1/2" hexagon project that will probably take me YEARS to complete. It is my current take-along project and I have great fun working on it while waiting in the carpool line at school. On the wall are some weird little quilts that I've made.

View #6: You can see the beautiful Jar Quilt that I blogged about earlier hanging so that it is the last thing that I see before I leave the room. You can also see that the top of the filing cabinet is really messy...the Pledge can is proof that I've been cleaning up today! This is the last area to organize. I must find a small table to display my 100+ yr old Jones Family C.S. sewing machine. It would be so lovely in front of the Jar Quilt. (I will post a photo later when I have it set up!)

To have and maintain a clean workspace is a major accomplishment for me. I was voted "Messiest Desk" by my classmates in the 6th grade (much to my mother's chagrin). I guess I've tried to live up to that title ever since. That is until I watched the show Hoarders on A&E. Wow! I realized that my sewing room was headed in that direction and that I'd better do something about it right then! What a great motivator that show is, at least for me!

Any way, I'm thrilled about my "new space" and feel like I've got things placed where they will be most useful and efficient. It took lots and lots of scouring the internet for photos of other quilters sewing spaces to come up with the layout of my room and for that reason I'm adding my photos to the mix just it case it might help someone else. If you want to see some great sewing rooms, just Google it and click on "Images". Wow! Eye candy!